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Author of "Stripes" Lea Maryanow; photographed in Tulare County

Stripes by Lea C. Maryanow

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“Am I a white zebra with black stripes or a black zebra with white stripes?” asks Zebra. Zebra cannot find the answer to his question alone, so he asks eight animals in the African savannah if they know the answer. Each animal answers with their own unique personality, yet leaves Zebra without a satisfactory answer! Just when Zebra wants to give up, he remembers what Lion answered as he scared Zebra away because Lion sees yummy meat and isn’t concerned with color like Zebra. Zebra was afraid of becoming lunch and didn’t fully appreciate Lion’s answer until later when his words surprise Zebra and finally answer Zebra’s question—it doesn’t matter if Zebra is black OR white. What matters is that he is both black AND white.

Lea wants to team up with businesses to get more books in kids' hands! 

“My goal is to find sponsors who will buy my book in bulk so it can be distributed to local schools, childcare programs, clubs for kids, and any interested child centered program for free," said Maryanow, a St Paul's School teacher. "40% of my profit will be donated to UNICEF to help children in need.” Every sponsor has the option of having a sticker on the book cover that says "Sponsored by _____," that allows them to advertise for their business.

Turtle from "Stripes" by Lea Maryanow
"Stripes" book cover; written by Lea Maryanow
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